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About Activebook

Activebook is an easy-to-use tool that enables marketing and sales leaders to grow their pipeline by booking more demos with inbound leads, without having to learn complicated software. Activebook helps companies convert more inbound leads into pipeline by automatically qualifying, routing, and instantly allowing them to book time with their dedicated sales rep as soon as they express interest.

Founder Story

The founders of Activebook have spent 22 years collectively working in a range of start ups. While working at a rapidly growing start up together, they found that inbound qualified leads were falling through the cracks, or getting lost to the back and forth after they were passed onto sales reps.

Before building a solution to this problem, they were experiencing an 8% conversion rate with their inbound qualified leads. They put their heads together and found a way to automatically qualify these leads, route them, and instantly get the right sales rep's calendar in front of the prospect.

After implementing this solution, they experienced a 52% conversion rate with their inbound qualified leads, which ultimately converted into more revenue for their business.

Using what they built, the founders made Activebook, a tool that any business can use to book more meetings, and grow their pipeline.