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How Skill Struck Increased Qualified Meetings by 54%

July 18, 2023

Skill Struck provides computer science curriculum and solutions to K-12 school districts throughout the United States, and other educational services in other parts of the world.

After implementing SDR tactics, adding helpful content to their marketing site, attending conferences, and other marketing practices, they saw their inbound lead traffic increase by 700%. With this significant increase in inbound traffic, Skill Struck needed to find a solution to help them make sure they were making the most of these hard earned leads.

Their Manual Lead Distribution Process

At first when Skill Struck's lead traffic was minimal, the marketing team had implemented a workflow to distribute leads to the sales reps that owned the inbound leads. Their process looked like this: 

  1. Someone fills out the "Get Demo" form on their marketing site.
  2. The marketing team receives the lead via email and they review the data.
  3. If the lead is qualified, they review the territory map and forward the lead to the right sales rep.
  4. The sales rep reaches out the qualified lead via email asking for a time to meet.

While this process seemed to work when the occasional lead came in, overtime the marketing and sales team started to see where there were gaps - or better, where they were losing potential revenue. The issues with their manual lead distribution process included:

  1. Because their solution was for K-12 students, about 15% of their inbound leads where unqualified students. Skill Struck didn't want to spend money storing these students in their CRM, and marketing would waste time weeding out these students from their sales handover.
  2. District administrators would regularly request a demo after hours or over the weekend. The marketing team would review these leads next business day, making these qualified leads wait hours or days at a time for a sales rep to reach out.
  3. 92% of the qualified inbound leads that requested a demo wouldn't even respond to their sales rep's email asking to set up a time for a demo.

In other words, only 8% of all qualified inbound leads were booking meetings with their dedicated sales rep. Skill Struck's marketing and sales teams recognized that they were missing potential revenue with these leads.

Implementing Activebook on Skill Struck's Get Demo Form

Skill Struck's marketing team implemented Activebook onto their "Get a Demo" form on their marketing site. This implementation only took 3 minutes, and did not require support or an implementation manager.

After adding Activebook, their process looks like this: 

  1. Someone fills out the "Get Demo" form on their marketing site.
  2. The qualified lead is shown their sales rep's meeting link, the unqualified lead is redirected away from the sales rep's meeting link.
  3. The qualified lead books a meeting with their sales rep right away.
  4. The sales rep is immediately sent an email about their new lead.
  5. Their CRM captures the qualified inbound lead, and never receives the unqualified lead.

This new process solved all of Skill Struck's issues with their manual process, and more importantly allowed their hot qualified inbound leads to book at time as soon as they expressed interest in seeing a demo.

The Results: 54% Increase in Qualified Booked Meetings

After a month of implementation, Skill Struck saw a 54% increase in booked meetings with their inbound leads. And, they also saw a much happier sales team knowing that none of their leads were falling through the cracks.

"Before Activebook, I was always checking my email to make sure the sales reps were getting their leads as soon as they came in. I looked at other types of solutions to solve this bottleneck. As a start up their pricing structures was just out of the reality of what we could do, and their software was a time suck. Activebook's self-serve product, and their non-convoluted pricing structure really drew me in.

After spending a couple minutes adding Activebook to our site, now I watch leads book time with reps without me having to intervene. If leads don't book time, our reps still receive their leads without me having to get involved. Not only does it save me time, but it's also increased pipeline for our reps which is exactly what marketing is supposed to be doing," Samantha Sappenfield, Chief Marketing Officer at Skill Struck said.

How Activebook Helps Skill Struck Increase their Pipeline

Activebook helps Skill Struck qualify and route their leads in an instant, while also allowing their qualified leads to book time as soon as they expressed interest. With a 54% increase in more booked meetings with these inbound leads, their sales reps are spending less time chasing down leads, and more time in meetings.

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